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How to set up the Garrett AT MAX for the beach

Here is a good set up for running the Garrett AT MAX on the beach.

(1) Press and hold the power button until it peeps twice; this will reset the detector.
(2) lower the sensitivity on notch (bringing it 3 notches down from maximum) you will still get good depth.
(3) Select zero mode.
(4) Set iron disc to 43.
(5) Set threshold to negative 3(-3).
(6) Coil in salt water or wet sand auto ground balance the machine.
(7) manually lower the ground balance by 2 or three.

Follow these steps the Garrett AT Max should run quieter on the sand and in the salt water...if it starts to get chirpy again repeat the steps above as needed.

Also, check this video out :) SPANISH SILVER!!!! :)

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