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I ordered accessories with my order. Where are they? 

If you ordered accessories with a metal detector order we often will put those accessories inside the metal detector box to save on shipping. The box may or may not indicate there are accessories inside. They may also arrive in a separate box depending on size. If you find you are missing something let me know and I'll go strangle the person who packed your box :)

Why did my metal detector come with the batteries already installed?
This is because Garrett tests each unit prior to shipping. Other manufacturers ( Fisher, Minelab, etc. ) may or may not have the batteries pre-installed.

Where can I access the free online training videos?
If you purchased a Garrett Metal Detector, I recommend you watch the training videos while you are waiting on your unit to arrive so when it does you can hit the ground running! Who wants to read a boring user manual, right?:

Also, Garrett and the other manufacturers have started phasing out the DVD versions of the training videos. I guess "market research" has told them that less and less people have DVD players. ;-)

How do I track my order?
Orders via the website will receive an email with tracking/shipping information. The easiest way to track your ebay orders is via MyEbay, Activity tab, Purchase History link. We update the tracking information mid-afternoon and you "should" get an email from ebay notifying you that your item has shipped. Orders via Amazon, Bonanza, Walmart and Jet should also send you an email within 24 hours of us shipping.

How long does it take to get my order?
We ship daily ( weekday orders before 2pm ). Orders after 2pm CST or on weekends/holidays will ship on the next business day ( example: Saturday orders ship Monday unless Monday is a holiday). We have orders that arrive in 1 - 5 days typically. The closer you are to us ( Texas ) the faster it is :) 

How to you Factory Reset a Metal Detector?
All Garrett metal detectors have a "factory reset" process. This should be done any time you put on the searchcoil ( ie: first time ). All you do is ( make sure it is off ) press down and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. One of the most common mistakes people make with metal detectors is running up the sensitivity too high.

Do you recommend any online forums?
There is a great forum where you can learn tips, tweaks and set ups for different conditions ( ie land, water, wet sand, etc.).
It is:

We are in no way affiliated with them but just think the easiest way to get the most out of your metal detector is to learn from other experienced detectorists and in the forums you'll encounter a bunch of like-minded, friendly people. 

How does the warranty work?
You'll receive a warranty card in your box. Just fill that out and send it in. All warranty work is through the actual manufacturer ( ie: ). If you run into problems with your detector, please call 1-800-527-4011 Toll Free 8:00-4:30pm Monday-Friday CST).

Anything else?
If you bought one of the Garrett Propointer ATs, as of 2018 those are now rated to 20 feet. The box may or maynot indicate 20 feet ( they have a surplus of the boxes printed with the 10 feet description ) but Garrett will warranty this to 20 feet. Most of us aren't hunting in 20 feet of water but at least we now have the option! :)

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