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8LB Magnetic Seperator Pick Up with Quick Release for Prospecting and Mining

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Our 8-lb. Magnetic Separator Pick-Up Tool with Quick Release—Great to have on hand for small projects and for picking up ferrous metal objects, metal shavings, and other metal objects.

  • Magnetic Capacity: 8LBS 
  • Diameter of Magnetic Base: 2"
  • Height : 4-3/8"
  • Pull Handle Quick Release
  • Rubberized Grip Handle
  • Compact Size
  • Weight of Object must be Evenly Distributed in Magnetic Base
  • Magnets are not Continious through our Magnetic Surface
  • Great for Picking up Ferrous Materials, Metals and Other Magnetic Objects

Why use a Magnetic Seperator when panning for gold

Removing magnetic black sands: While gold itself is not magnetic, there are other minerals, such as magnetite and hematite, which are often found alongside gold deposits. These minerals are magnetic and can be concentrated in black sands. By using a magnetic separator, you can effectively remove these magnetic black sands from your gold-bearing material, making it easier to isolate the gold particles.

Eliminating iron contamination: In some cases, iron particles or iron-rich minerals may be present in the material you're panning. These iron contaminants can affect the purity of your gold concentrate. By passing the material through a magnetic separator, you can extract any iron particles or magnetically susceptible impurities, thereby improving the overall quality of the gold concentrate.



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