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Get into Gold Prospecting with this affordable 5 piece gold pan kit. 


  • 1 -  12" Gold Pan, Dual Riffles(3" x 1/4" Deep Riffles, Micro Riffles)
  • 1 -  Tweezer With 5x Zoom Magnifier 
  • 1 -  8.1/4" Plastic Snifter Bottle For Gold Panning
  • 1 -  Glass Vial
  • 1 - Plastic Dropper for Gold Panning

Experience the thrill of striking gold with our entry level and affordable 5 piece gold pan kit. It includes a 12" gold pan, 5x zoom magnifier tweezer, 8.1/4" plastic snifter bottle, plastic dropper and glass vial, perfect for storing and showcasing your precious finds. Unleash your inner prospector and uncover gold today!

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