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Below you'll find answers to questions like "Advice for Newbies, How long to get my order, Warranty info, Training etc."

Any advice for a newbie?

Yep! Dig it all. Your metal detector will do what it is designed to do...detect metal. It is up to you to decide what is trash and what could be treasure. In the beginning it is best to dig every target, keep it all, spread it all out on top of the ground and then go back over it. Pay attention to the numbers that show on the display and the sound the detector is making. You'll know you are getting better when you rely less on the readout and more on the tones/sounds. 

Just know, the hobby of metal detecting does include a fair share of "trash collection" is just part of it. I've been doing this for A LONG TIME and I still dig a ton of trash. I can't help myself because some of our trash here in Texas is cool ( ie: antique tools, old farm equipment, etc ). Don't get discouraged. You'll get the hang of it in no time. Read the user manual and watch YouTube videos while your detector is enroute :)

How long does it take to get my order?

We ship daily ( weekday orders before 2pm-ish ). Orders after 2pm CST or on weekends/holidays will ship on the next business day ( example: Saturday orders ship Monday unless Monday is a holiday). We have orders that arrive in 1 - 4 days typically. The closer you are to us ( Texas ) the faster it is :) Also, your order may require a signature for delivery depending on your address ( ie: Apartment, commercial address, etc. ) or the value of your order ( Typically over $800 ).

I ordered accessories with my order. Where are they?

If you ordered accessories with a metal detector or your order included "Bonus Items", we often will put those accessories inside the metal detector box to save on shipping. The box may or may not indicate there are accessories inside. They may also arrive in a separate box depending on size. If you find you are missing something let me know by completing the contact form and I'll go strangle the person who packed your box :)

Does my metal detector ship inside a shipping box? My order is a gift!

Yes, unlike "that big marketplace" that starts with "Ama" and ends in "zon", we take the time to actually put your detector inside a plain shipping box :)

Why did my metal detector come with the batteries already installed?

Some of the manufacturers install the batteries in their machines ( ie: Garrett ) This is because Garrett tests each unit prior to shipping. Other manufacturers ( Nokta, Minelab, etc. ) may or may not have the batteries pre-installed.

How does the warranty work?

Most of the manufacturers have moved to an online process for warranty registration. You don't necessarily need to register your detector ( your serial number is time/date stamped ). You can find the warranty registration link on this page.

What do I do if I have a problem with my metal detector that requires repair under warranty?

Warranty or Repairs for Garrett Metal Detectors please call Garrett Customer Service ( or call 1-800-527-4011 Toll Free 8:00-4:30pm Monday-Friday CST).

Warranty or Repairs for Minelab click here.

Warrany or Repairs for Nokta click here.

Warranty or Repairs for XP please call 508-460-6244

Any other products not listed above, contact us.

Where can I access the free online training videos?

Training Videos, Warranty Registration, Support and more can be found here.

Also, Youtube is very helpful. Just search something like "Minelab Equinox 600 settings on the beach."

How do I track my order?

Orders via will receive an email with tracking/shipping information. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder to make sure we aren't in there :). If you are missing tracking for any reason, reach out via the contact form here.

Do you ship International or to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico?

We do not ship International at this time. We do ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico via USPS only.

How do you Factory Reset a Metal Detector?

All Garrett metal detectors have a "factory reset" process. This should be done any time you put on the searchcoil ( ie: first time ). All you do is power the unit on and then press down and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. This same process works for many detectors. One of the most common mistakes people make with metal detectors is running up the sensitivity too high.

Do you recommend any online forums?

There is a great forum where you can learn tips, tweaks and set ups for different conditions ( ie land, water, wet sand, etc.).
It is:

We are in no way affiliated with Find Mall but just think the easiest way to get the most out of your metal detector is to learn from other experienced detectorists and in the forums you'll encounter a bunch of like-minded, friendly people. Tell 'em Jon over at sent you! :)

Are there any Metal Detecting Clubs near me?

We have a list of Metal Detecting Clubs sorted by state here. Let us know if we are missing one!

Where are these Metal Detectors made?

Garrett is made in the good, ole U.S.A. in Garland, Texas. Minelab is out of Australia, Nokta is made in Turkey and XP is made in France. All have U.S.A. service centers for repairs or warranty concerns.

Got any Metal Detecting Accessories?

Oh yeah! Check them out here! - You'll find pinpointers, shovels, scoops, searchcoils, bags, pouches, diggers and more!

What does Jon use? :)

My primary machine is the Garrett AT MAX with both the stock searchcoil and the 5x8 DD Proformance searchcoil. We primarily hunt in freshwater creeks and rivers, lakes, fields, parks and homesites. We are in Texas and no where close to a salt water beach. If I'm going to have the opportunity to hunt a salt water beach then I'm taking my Minelab Equinox 600

Again, thank you so much for purchasing from our family at Detector Warehouse. I know there are alot of choices out there and I really appreciate you trusting me with your purchase.

If you are happy with your purchase, please consider leaving us an online review ( facebook, google, website, etc ). It would really help me out :)  

Happy Hunting!

- Jon

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