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9 Piece Stackable Gold Sifting Pans

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Gold Prospect Like a Pro with this 9 piece gold sifter set. Get the best results while panning for gold. Fits on a 5 gallon bucket!


  • 1/2" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 1.40 mm - 2 holes per square inch
  • 1/4" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.95 mm - 4 holes per square inch
  • 1/8" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.60 mm - 8 holes per square inch
  • 1/12" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.45 mm - 12 holes per square inch
  • 1/20" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.35 mm - 20 holes per square inch
  • 1/30" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.30 mm - 30 holes per square inch
  • 1/50" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.17 mm - 50 holes per square inch
  • 1/70" Mesh Spacing - Wire thickness: 0.14 mm - 70 holes per square inch
  • 1/100" Mesh Spacing -Wire thickness: 0.10 mm - 100 holes per square inch

Stackable Design
Achieve unparalleled efficiency with our stackable sifting pans, designed to optimize space and time utilization. Simply stack one pan on top of another, and experience the ultimate convenience. Whether you prefer stacking and storing them when not in use or stacking and utilizing them concurrently, our sifting set guarantees a smooth and seamless classification process. Moreover, these pans can be effortlessly positioned on a 5-gallon bucket, allowing you to effortlessly capture cascading water. Embrace the efficiency and convenience of our stackable sifting pans for an exceptional classification experience.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Unleash the full potential of your prospecting and archeological endeavors with our durable and rust-resistant stainless steel mesh wire. Carefully engineered, this specialized wire empowers you to effortlessly sift through gravel and rock, efficiently separating them from your invaluable discoveries. With enhanced precision and efficiency, embark on a journey to unveil hidden treasures, such as gold and precious relics. Trust in the reliability of our stainless steel mesh wire to elevate your prospecting and archeological pursuits to new heights of accuracy and success.

Experience the Difference
What sets our wire mesh apart is its proven and patented design, exclusively tailored to enhance your panning experience. You won't find this valuable and distinctive design anywhere else, giving you an unparalleled advantage in your quest for discovery.

Discover the reasons why our Sifting Pans (also known as classifiers or sieves) are the optimal choice for your gold recovery process:

  1. Essential for Effective Classification: Classification stands as the pivotal step in successful gold recovery, making our Sifting Pans indispensable.
  2. Efficient Removal of Worthless Gravel and Rock: Easily screen off large, valueless gravel and rock, streamlining your search for valuable materials.
  3. Tailored Sizing Capability: Size your materials precisely to match the dimensions of the gold you anticipate recovering, optimizing your chances of success.
  4. Uncompromising Quality: Our Sifting Pans boast high-quality stainless steel wire mesh, ensuring both accuracy and durability for everyday use.
  5. Lightweight and Durable Plastic Construction: The lightweight yet durable plastic material enhances usability and longevity, adding convenience to your sifting process.

Experience the benefits of our stackable design:

  1. Space-Saving Efficiency: By stacking the pans on top of each other, you can maximize space utilization, making storage and transportation hassle-free.
  2. Enhanced Classifying Speed: The inclusion of differently sized mesh screens facilitates faster and more efficient classification, saving you valuable time.
  3. Compatibility with 5-Gallon Buckets: Each Sifting Pan conveniently fits on a standard 5-gallon bucket, offering seamless integration and ease of use.
Choose our Sifting Pans (Classifiers/Sieves) for superior gold recovery results, accompanied by the advantages of our stackable design for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

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