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What is the difference between the AT PRO, AT MAX and AT GOLD?



AT Max

AT Gold

AT Pro


AT Max—Offers the deepest detection, True All Metal Mode, and wireless capability. Recommended for all terrains, including both salt and freshwater environments. Use for coins, jewelry, relics, gold, and competition hunts.

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AT Gold—Its higher frequency, True All Metal Mode, and small searchcoil make it hot on tiny gold nuggets, relics, and small jewelry. Its advanced ground balance features make it ideal for prospecting and freshwater hunting.

AT Pro—Choose from easy-to-learn Standard Modes or advanced Pro Modes for more target information and depth. Can be submerged in either saltwater or freshwater. Great for coins, jewelry, relics, and gold.

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Z-Lynk™ Wireless (integrated) Yes (With MS-3 Z-Lynk
headphones included)
No No

Iron Discrimination Segments

44 44 40
True All-Metal Mode Yes Yes No
Backlight Yes No No
Volume Adjustment Yes No No
Notch Discrimination Adjustable Preset (fixed) Adjustable
Search Modes 4, all Pro Audio 3, all Pro Audio 6 (3 Standard, 3 Pro)
Proportional Audio Yes Yes Yes
Standard Binary Audio No No Yes
Fast Recovery Speed Yes Yes Yes
Sensitivity/ Depth Adjustments 8 8 8
Iron Audio™ (Disc. Modes) Yes Yes Yes
Iron Audio™ (All Metal Mode) Yes Yes No
Threshold Adjustment Yes Yes No
Digital Target ID Yes Yes Yes
Ground Balance, Auto/Manual Yes Yes Yes
Ground Balance Window™ Yes (Automatic) Yes No
Pinpoint Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof to 10 feet (3m) Yes Yes Yes
• Freshwater use Yes Yes Yes
• Saltwater use Yes not recommended Yes
Frequency 13.6 kHz, adjustable 18 kHz, adjustable 15 kHz, adjustable
Audio Tone ID Levels 3 3 3
Target Depth Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Standard Searchcoil 8.5" x 11" DD PROformance 5" x 8" DD PROformance 8.5" x 11" DD PROformance
Length (Adjustable) 43" to 56" (1.09m - 1.4m) 43" to 56" (1.09m - 1.4m) 43" to 56" (1.09m - 1.4m)
Total Weight 3.03 lbs (1.4 kgs) 2.8 lbs (1.27 kgs) 3.03 lbs (1.4 kgs)
Batteries 4 AA (included) 4 AA (included) 4 AA (included)
Battery Condition Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
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