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1761 Gold Coin Found with Garrett AT PRO

We love reading about the amazing finds you guys locate during your treasure hunts. This one was featured this last month on Garrett's website. 

Jason's story: I recently bought my Garrett AT Pro about three weeks ago. Most of my finds have been pocket change, bottle tabs, bottle caps, and tin foil. You wouldn't believe how many times I thought tin foil was gold! But there was one day that I rang up a 49-50 on the display. The tone was very solid and I had never seen those numbers before in that succession. In the back of mind I'm thinking, it's gold, it's gold, but the logical part of my brain started kicking in saying, it's just another piece of foil or a pop tab.

So I grabbed my trusty trowel and started digging a plug. After I popped the plug out I saw something really shiny. To myself I said, oh great, another gold colored pop tab. But as soon as I brought it closer to my face its shape rounded out and I saw a man's head. I very carefully brushed some dirt away. My heart started pounding. I truly couldn't believe it. After racing home I further inspected the coin. It was a 12 Mark gold piece from Denmark. The date, 1761, still legible. It is far from being in good shape, and someone soldered a frame around it, but to me it is my first great discovery, the true diamond in the rough.

Nice work Jason! Keep up the treasure hunting and GOOD LUCK!!!

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