Garrett AT PRO Training Videos

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PLEASE NOTE! The CAMLOCKS on the GARRETT AT PRO and MAX no longer come off as some of the videos show.

Below please find the Garrett AT PRO Training Videos. We recommend you watch all 4 videos prior to using your Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector. It will make hunting for treasure much easier. 

Also: Here are some great forums where you can get some fantastic advice, tips, tricks and more:

Video 1 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part One


Video 2 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part Two


Video 3 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part Three


Video 4 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part Four


Occasionally you may experience some "falsing". This is when the metal detector goes off when you aren't over a target. Common "falsing" occurs when you shake it, bump a tree, etc. Here are a couple of posts that should help you correct the problem:,2116287,2116867 and

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