Garrett AT PRO Training Videos

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Below please find the Garrett AT PRO Training Videos. We recommend you watch all 4 videos prior to using your Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector. It will make hunting for treasure much easier. 

Also: Here are some great forums where you can get some fantastic advice, tips, tricks and more:

Video 1 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part One


Video 2 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part Two


Video 3 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part Three


Video 4 - Garrett AT PRO Instructional Part Four


Occasionally you may experience some "falsing". This is when the metal detector goes off when you aren't over a target. Common "falsing" occurs when you shake it, bump a tree, etc. Here are a couple of posts that should help you correct the problem:,2116287,2116867 and

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