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Garrett ACE 250 Training Videos

Below please find the Garrett ACE 250 Training Videos. We recommend you watch all 7 videos prior to using your Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector. It will make hunting for treasure much easier.

Is your ACE 250 "Falsing"? 
If you are experiencing frequent falsing on the Ace 250 when sweeping the search coil side to side, you may believe that there is something wrong with your metal detector. Often the answer to the falsing is quite simple. Here are 4 things to check: CLICK HERE

Video 1 - ACE 250 Basic Features


Video 2 - ACE 250 Bench Testing


Video 3 - ACE 250 Discrimination


Video 4 - ACE 250 Sensitivity and Factory Settings


Video 5 - ACE 250 Operation and Pinpointing


Video 6 - ACE 250 Accessories


Video 7 - ACE 250 Cleaning and Cautions


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