Steve Job's Time Capsule Found by TV SHOW "Diggers"

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Buried, and lost, in an Aspen field in 1983, the 13-foot-long tube contained, among other things, the mouse from Jobs' Lisa computer. Now, thanks to the TV show "Diggers," it's been found.
In 1983, at the close of the International Design Conference in Aspen, Colo., organizers buried a time capsule, known officially as the Aspen Time Tube. Many attendees contributed various items, like a Rubik's cube, name tags, and even a Moody Blues recording, but because the late Apple co-founder donated the Lisa mouse he'd used during his presentation at the conference, it has become known as the "Steve Jobs Time Capsule."

A first look inside the so-called 'Steve Jobs Time Capsule,' which had been lost in an Aspen, Colo. field for 30 years.

(Credit: National Geographic Channel)

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